A community currency
to uplift Harlem

An economic platform to empower Harlem’s residents to earn crypto and inspire positive community actions.

A community currency for local development

Providing financial infrastructure to inspire community action and promote healthy discussion on the future of Harlem.

$20,000 to be earned through contribution

Contribute to the vision of Harlem Coin and towards a brighter future for Harlem to earn crypto.

Crypto Education

Silicon Harlem will host accessible, beginner friendly crypto education and financial empowerment workshops at their Harlem location. We believe in making crypto more inclusive by offering opportunities to earn, not just invest. Sign up to attend and earn crypto

What can Harlem Coin be used for?

Exclusive local events & experiences

Discounts & coupons at local businesses

And more to come...


How do I earn Harlem Coins?

You can visit https://harlem.socialstack.co and complete the tasks to earn Harlem Coin.

How do I use my Harlem Coins?

Your Harlem Coins will automatically be stored in your blockchain wallet, which is created for you upon logging in to take action. You will be able to redeem them in the shop.

What is a Social Token?

A social token is a cryptocurrency based on creating value and empowerment. Web3 is decentralized, co-creative, and based on ownership, where tokens align participants toward a common goal. Unlike non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these are identical, like a dollar. The utility is what’s important. 

What is the Harlem Coin’s environmental impact?

Harlem Coin is built on Celo’s blockchain – the world’s first to be carbon negative. Celo’s Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus algorithm naturally requires a tiny fraction of the energy usage of Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithms as used by Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has achieved 8x carbon negativity by contributing daily offsets in association with Wren.

Is Harlem Coin a cryptocurrency?

Harlem Coin is a social token on the carbon-negative Celo blockchain. It does not qualify as a traditional currency but has its value in what it can achieve for the members of the movement.