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How to Earn
Harlem Coin

Attend Meetups
In Harlem

Meetups take place at Silicon Harlem’s space in Harlem. These span education and community engagement around skills learning (e.g. Web3) and how we can work together to collectively benefit our community and its future. Additional earning opportunities will be provided for telling friends who attend.
Attend Meetups

Submit your visions of the future of Harlem

We invite residents, business owners, and fans of Uptown to express themselves around their day-to-day challenges and successes to understand priorities. Help kick off an inspiring conversation that will move the evolution of Harlem forward. Many Harlem residents have been left behind, primarily due to economic and technology gaps. Harlem Coin will help shift challenges into opportunities.

Earn through social media engagement

Follow the Harlem Coin social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram and watch out for earning opportunities.
Earn Coins